Growing microgreens is the new trend


Yes, microgreens are the new nutritional hit. Young sprouts of various types of herbs and vegetables make their way onto our plates not only in top restaurants, but also in ordinary households and it is all for the good. Various sprouts contain a whole range of beneficial nutrients our bodies crave.

These little young plants contain plenty of vitamins C and E, which we all need to maintain our health, beauty and immunity. But they contain minerals too and beneficial enzymes. But how can you make sure that you get all the good stuff throughout the year? Simple. Start growing microgreens at home.

First attempts

Hardcore microgreens growers will tell you that you need special sprouting bowls, but if you just want to try growing microgreens, any plastic bowl or container will do. Punch several holes through the bottom and fill the container with soil.


Photo: Pixabay

Any good quality soil should do, but there is a catch. You have to clean the soil well, by steam for example Sprouts are very susceptible to all kinds of fungi and you don’t want your microgreens to get mould or anything like that. You could use your oven to do that but if you do not want to do that (because your kitchen is poorly ventilated for example), get a special substrate from a garden shop.

This is what you should do. Sow the seeds, water everything using a fine sprayer, put a saucer under the bowl and cover everything with a lid. Containers from various ice creams are well suited for this purpose because they have a see-through lid.

When can you expect the first harvest?

Well, it depends. Some microgreens can be harvested within a week, others after three weeks or so. Sprouts do not need much light during the first week and you may begin harvesting when cotyledons and the first pair of true leaves appear. But do not stress out. If you are little late it is okay too. Take scissors to harvest and use your microgreens immediately.

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