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Get rid of ants living in your garden

Radek Štěpán 27. 04. 2023

Generally, we do not like to see ants in our gardens. Some people may be afraid of ant stings but that’s not all. Ants can also harm your plants by spreading aphids from one plant to another. If they live…


Tomato varieties that do not need chemical spray

Radek Štěpán 28. 01. 2023

Do you love your own homegrown tomatoes? Of course you do because the taste of your own produce is simply unmistakeable and you know for sure that it is purely organic! There are people who think that tomatoes must be…


How to get rid of a marten: People try many ways

Radek Štěpán 24. 01. 2023

Has a marten settled in your house? Well, it is certainly nothing to be happy about and you need to deal with it soon as possible. Marten is a cute animal but not in your house. You will soon see…


Pool cleaning after winter: A lengthy but necessary procedure

Radek Štěpán 30. 05. 2022

Did you look in your pool after a long winter and discovered something that looked like a fishpond, or even worse, something like a septic tank? You probably know what we are talking about. Even if you use…