How to get rid of a marten: People try many ways


Has a marten settled in your house? Well, it is certainly nothing to be happy about and you need to deal with it soon as possible. Marten is a cute animal but not in your house. You will soon see (and smell) faeces everywhere and hear a rather loud stomping. The worst thing is that marten can easily destroy wire insulation in your house and in your car. Repairs are usually expensive and lengthy. A marten can easily get into your house through a tiny hole in the facade or roof. Best prevention is to close or cover all openings. A metal grid is probably the best but low-expansion foam works well too. In any case you do not want a marten in your house, but if you are “lucky” and already got one how can you get rid of it?

Various traps

Probably the most common method is to use a trap. Rat trap, but mouse trap should do too. Marten is very fast and can sense the danger and even avoid it. If you have more than one the others are capable of learning from the mistake of others. Marten has an excellent sense of smell so make sure you do not touch the trap with your hand. Use pliers. Marten will smell the human hand and will grow suspicious. You can also buy a special marten bait in a store or you may use dry cherries or plums. If you catch a marten drive it at least 10 kilometres from your house otherwise you are risking its return…


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Stinky chemicals

If you use chemicals to get rid of marten you will be dealing with a bad smell. Naphthalene tablets are commonly used. Make a small hole in the package to release the smell and that is it. Some people use scented lemon trees… or try using chlorine-based chemicals, which are very strong so make sure to protect your own health. A rather unconventional solution is an aftershave, which you inject with a syringe into small holes drilled in the soil and see if it works…

Electronic scarers and deterrents

There are a many such devices available in the market today, but most of them are not good. Unfortunately, martens get used to the new sound over time and will return. Try to get a model that changes the sound pitch, or is equipped with a LED light that scares them. The light is usually controlled by a motion sensor and it comes on when it detects a nearby motion.

Marten hates fur and hair

Cats and various felines are enemies of martens so try spreading cat hairs at the suspected places. Cats living freely in your house are also great. Cut hair is said to work too… So try using your own hair and let us know!

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