How to peel almonds in no time


Almonds are a traditional snack and most of us buy it roasted. The taste great and they go well with beer or wine for example, but almonds are also used for baking. You can get them in a shell, or peeled. Peeling almonds is not easy. The shell is literally glued to the kernel and it takes skills to remove it. Read on and we shall tell you how you can get the kernel out of the shell easy.

How to remove the skin

Nothing complicated. Just get a bowl and put almonds with the skin in the bowl, and pour hot water over them. Let them soak for a while. It doesn’t have to be over night. It only takes few minutes. Now, drain the almonds. The skin has absorbed the moisture and will gradually loosen up allowing you to remove the kernel rather easily. Just scrub the almonds lightly and the skins should detach and float in the water. Remove the kernels and let them dry.


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How to remove almonds from the shelves

Getting almonds from the shell is more difficult, mainly because the shell is very strong. If you have a nutcracker use it. With a little skill you should be all right. You can also use a hammer and gently break the shell. Before you do, wrap the almond in a towel and then hit it with the hammer. The towel will keep the broken parts of the shell together and they will not fly all over the place.

Peeled almonds may be used for almost anything

How you will use almonds is up to you. They are an excellent addition to all sweets. Roasted almonds with little salt are fantastic. You can enjoy plenty of them and still probably get less salt then if you eat the stuff from a supermarket. That is if you use salt reasonably.

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