Wild tomatoes. A great crop to plant this year


Tomato sowing time is slowly approaching and we have a tip for a new variety. Of course, there are plenty of alternatives from all kinds of fleshy and typical varieties and even black tomatoes! Today we have for you wild tomatoes and we think that it is an excellent choice. They are rather small when compared with regular tomatoes but the taste is very interesting and you should try them. Growing is also different. You haven’t heard of wild tomatoes yet? It does not matter we shall introduce them in this article and we shall also take a look at the main advantages, cultivation and use. You will enjoy growing and eating these tiny tomatoes!

Tiny balls about the size of Canadian blueberries

Are wild tomatoes really that special? Yes. They look like Canadian blueberries – yes, really that small. You can eat them directly or use them for hors d’oeuvres recipes for example. They taste sweet and you will love it. Growing wild tomatoes is also quite interesting and fun… Just plant them and watch them grow. Soon you will see small green balls, which will later turn red. You can wait for harvest or pick and eat them as they ripe.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Growing wild tomatoes is supper easy

Wild tomatoes are sown similarly as regular tomatoes – in mid-February, or a little later. Grow your seedlings on a window sill and then wait for warmer weather where there is no risk of frost, and plant them. You can use tomato stakes and give your plants a “shape” or just let them grow wild. The good news is that tomato bush will kill virtually any weeds. Just keep in mind that they will expand and “conquer” your garden. and that a bush can get mould or fungi easier than plants tied to stakes. Tying small tendrils and stems to stakes is very hard and tedious work though…


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Excellent veggies used everywhere

As with any veggies or fruits, wild tomatoes are best for direct consumption. If you serve them at a party, people will definitely notice and ask you about these small fruits. Wild tomatoes can also be dried, and when dried they are excellent in salads or as flavouring in many dishes. Typical example is pasta. A fun fact. Tomatoes are veggies as ruled by the US court – based on culinary applications.

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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