Do not buy unripe tomatoes with added chemicals


Do you love tomatoes and would you like enjoy them all year round? Of course you would! Tomatoes are healthy and the “real” tomatoes taste great. Unfortunately, if you taste a tomato from your local supermarket, chances are that you will get a bad tasting tomato –something that you do not want at all. In the following lines, we shall tell what you should check when buying tomatoes – how to make sure that you are getting the good stuff. Buying a mixture of chemicals and bad taste could be frustrating…

We love tomatoes

The consumption of tomatoes is increasing. The numbers talk for themselves. The average consumption of tomatoes in 1992 reached a total of 7 kilograms per person and 12 kg in 2016. People are willing to spend a pretty penny on tomatoes. Tomatoes are not only tasty, but also contain plenty of substances beneficial for our bodies. Just to mention few:

  • phosphorus,
  • potassium,
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • vitamin B, C, E or K.


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Imported versus domestic tomato production

High-quality tomatoes must be deep red. strong>Just be careful and do not confuse deep red with rotten deep red, wilted or damaged tomato. Sometimes tomatoes may be wilted or damaged inside. Many tomatoes imported from abroad are not ripe and are still ripening during the import process. Tomatoes like that taste bad and offer almost no health benefits. Tomatoes grown locally go through many inspections, through the Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute and even the State Agricultural and Food Inspection. A great benefit is that domestic producers use biological plant protection.

What to look for when buying tomatoes

Use your sense of smell as this can reveal a lot. Even closed packages are often perforated, so you can smell the produce. Local growers usually sell under their own brand name and that is a good sign. The package should show the origin (flag of the state where it was produced) but also the name of the farm. A proud farmer would not dare to sell low-quality goods.


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Storage is very important

You should store tomatoes in a cold room where the temperature is around 10 °Cand we all know that tomatoes are not intended for long-term storage. Do not put tomatoes in a refrigerator, as the cold destroys cell membranes and when it is cold the ripening process stops. A bowl is an ideal way to store tomatoes.

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