Adora tomatoes – sweet and sour taste that you will love

Adora tomatoes

Do you love tomatoes and would you like to enjoy good tasting tomatoes even now in winter? Well, of course you would but to do so you need to choose the right varieties that offer a strong taste. There are many different tomatoes on the supermarket but the vast majority tastes like nothing. If you want a distinctive taste, try Adora tomatoes. Never heard of them? Never mind, in the following lines we shall tell you in detail how to recognize them, provide some photos and even a short video.

Unusual brown and green colour

Brownish colour is typical for Adora tomatoes. If you look at them you will notice that the brown shade turns into green and then lightly orange or reddish. The colour is quite unusual and distinctive but they still blend in rather quickly among the other vegetables and many of us have a tendency to overlook them. Next time don’t do that because they offer a unique taste.

Adora tomatoes

Photo: Radek Štěpán

Fleshy structure and typical shape

Adora tomatoes have a typical shape. They look a bit flattened and have distinct green ribbing pattern on the surface. Adora tomatoes were created by combining traditional species with an innovative solution. Well, that is just a simple description but the taste speaks for itself and that is what you are after.

Adora tomatoes

Photo: Radek Štěpán

Strong flavour and aroma

The vast majority of tomatoes sold in supermarkets have no taste at all but if you get Adora tomatoes, you will be surprised how tasty and aromatic they are. Food connoisseurs love them. Adora tomatoes are quite juicy, as you can see in picture showing a cut tomato. As far as nutritional properties are concerned, they are virtually the same as any other tomato. We tried them and enjoyed the taste very much and we certainly recommend Adora tomatoes. We also kept some seeds as we are planning on growing Adora tomatoes on our own.

YouTube: Radek Štěpán

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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