How to grow and rejuvenate anthurium


If you grow anthurium you certainly faced a rather common problem and that is the loss of leaves at the lower part of the plant. Bare stem creates a rather unattractive appearance and even its beautiful red, pink or white flowers cannot make up for it.
Fortunately, if you follow so-calledrejuvenation processyou can probably solve this issue easily. This treatment stimulates growth and forces it to regenerate fresh shoots from which you can get new seedlings.

When is the right rejuvenation time?

Simply look at the plant – if its lush green colour is shifting to the upper parts of shoots and it reveals bare stems do not hesitate. Shoots growing at the base of the plant are used for rejuvenation.
You should cut those shoots as close as possible to the roots while retaining as many roots that sprout from the base. Remove the lower leaves from the shoots and leave only the top 2-3. Transplant these miniature plants into smaller flowerpots with high-quality soil. A peat substrate enriched with minerals is great for the first couple months.
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Just like in a small greenhouse

Wrap the flowerpot in food film (make sure not to squeeze the plants). This willprovide the plant with the necessary air humidity and conditions that exist in a greenhouse. Then place the “wrapped” plant in a warm and well-illuminated spot (but not in direct sunlight), for example, on the eastern or western windowsill. The optimal temperature for young anthurium to take a root is 20-22 ° C.
As soon as a couple of new leaves appear you can remove the film because the process is complete. Now you mayadd the newly rooted plants to the mother plant and cover the bare lower part (the original plant may have recovered in the meantime), or you can plant them separately and get rid of the old plants.

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