Our grandmothers used to stick matches into flower pots. Here is why


Each of us has a female relative who is an expert in flower growing, although there are also exceptions as man can grow flowers successfully too! Secret plant growing tips are often passed down from generation to generation, so you may have heard the one about matches being stuck in flowerpots.
This “weird” match procedure used to be recommended for all plants that appeared sick and for those that were visibly losing appetite for life (for example, for flowers that suddenly stopped growing). Sometimes it is difficult to determine the real cause of this problem, but matches, according to the traditional folk wisdom, were able to handle any challenge.

The secret is in sulphur and phosphorus

Your plant may be attacked by various parasites or fungal diseases. These are hard to detect at first. But if you detect them and if you do not want to use expensive chemicals, bet on sulphur in match heads. It is a cheap and effective method.

BlossomPhoto: Pixabay

Sulphur and phosphorus have fungicidal abilities, as they can completely eliminate unwanted ailments such as parasites and fungi. Do not expect a miracle, but a cheap and effective long-term therapy. You do not need to look for special matches. The cheapest matches from any store should be enough.

Matches in a flowerpot

Make a circle out of the matches by sticking them in about five centimetres around the plant. Water and wait for the sulphur in the matches to take effect. It will gradually leak into the soil, so there is no risk of an overdose. Also pull out the matches from time to time and check whether the heads are melted. If so, replaced them.

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Keep doing this until the plant has fully recovered. You may alsotransplant the plant into a new soil and add matches to itbut you may also use a fertilizer. This will further improve your chances of saving your plant. And if it does not work, do not blame yourself. Nature is sometimes stronger than matches.

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