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Christmas is upon us and we are all looking forward to wonderful sweets, treats, gifts and the unique holiday spirit. But there is always a room for improvement they say. Would you like to improve your Christmas this year? Well, many people do and many try to improve the holiday menu for their pets as well, but it may not always be for the benefit of your pets. Dogs love various treats but not all treats are good for them. What treats are the most dangerous ones? We shall take a look at these risks in this article.

Chocolate and caffeine – the greatest risk

Chocolate is the biggest enemy of dogs. Dog owners are aware of that and know that chocolate can be literally toxic as it contains a substance known as theobromine. It is highly toxic for dogs and it causes diarrhoea and vomiting and even heart problems. In large quantities it may kill your dog, especially those high-percentage chocolates are the most dangerous. Similarly, caffeine also is bad for your dog. If your dog shows signs of poisoning you should definitely find a veterinarian who usually administers hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.


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Grapes, raisins and nuts

Grapes, raisins and nuts are also dangerous for dogs as they may cause severe stomach problems and in certain situations may even cause kidney failure. Some dogs may suffer after eating just few grape balls. Generally, you should not feed any fruits to animals. Nuts are hard and you should never give nuts to dogs as they can suffocate easily.


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Avocado and other foods

Another risky fruit are Guatemalan avocados, not that you would feed your dogs avocados but just letting you known – they contain a substance called persin, which can damage the heart muscle. Some types of avocado are not harmful, but do not feed them to your dogs of course, and do not take unnecessary risks. Avocados are also very fatty. Another food you should stay away from include egg whites, raw liver, onions or garlic. Watch out for chicken bones as they can be very sharp and harm you dog.


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