Make sure you have enough water in your sauerkraut crock


Yes that is true. If you let it dry, you will have a problem and if you will not take the necessary action in timely manner you can throw it all away and that would be a real shame. Just think of the hard work you have put in. Shopping, pressing and all the time and dedication… However, a timely action will save your sauerkraut. So let’s take a closer look and show you how you should handle the sauerkraut fermentation process. Do not worry. It is easy.

Regular inspection is must

First of all, you need to check the crock at regular intervals. Open it and look inside. If the stone weight is submerged in water than everything is fine. Sauerkraut cannot dry out. You may often see a white coating on the surface and around the edges of the crock but that is ok. You may remove the coating from time to time but many people do that when they take sauerkraut out for consumption.


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Wipe everything thoroughly

When you take sauerkraut out and remove the white coating make sure to wipe the surrounding walls thoroughly. Don’t forget to top off the water if necessary. Use the extra water you put in your fridge – the leftover from the pressing. If you do not have it, do not despair. Boil water with a little salt, let it cool and pour it in. A fun fact: our grandmothers also used water where they cooked dumplings…but many of us do not cook dumplings in the old-fashioned way, so you probably will not have this type of water sitting around.

Top off the fermentation airlock

Once you are at it, check the airlock and top off if necessary. Water evaporates very quickly from the pipe, especially when the temperature in the room is higher. Sauerkraut will not go bad or anything without water in the airlock, but you will smell it around your entire house…

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Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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