Beer as a fertilizer?


Beer is one of the most popular drinks, and not only among men. More and more women are enjoying it and it is no surprise that households store beer bottles at home. Some people use beer as a base for roast meat or as an addition for other recipes. But what about if you prefer wine and enjoy beer only sparingly? Well, you probably have some beer left and you hate to pour it out. Good. We shall tell you how to use leftover beer.

Beer as a universal helper

You can use beer at home for other purposes too, and you can use fresh beer, but also stale beer that no one would drink. Beer may be used for cleaning, for cooking but also for home cosmetics. It contains a whole range of useful substances that you can put to work.


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Beer as a fertilizer

You can use beer to fertilize houseplants or plants living in your garden. Beer will add shine to leaves, but also supports plant growth. But you cannot simply pour stale beer into the first flower pot you find. First, you need to dilute it with water – some sources say one part of beer for twenty-five parts water and then use the mixture to water your flowers as needed. So, just a little bit of beer can fertilize plenty of flowers.

A fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) trap

Do you have fruit flies at home and want to get rid of them? You may use beer as a fruit fly trap. Pour beer into a shallow small bowl, cover with a food wrap and make holes in it. Use a fork or pin. Fruit flies will get in, but not out. Beer is often used as a hair rinse because it gives you hair a nice shine. And what about old taps in your bathroom or “stuff” made of brass? Yes, you can use beer to clean them.


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