Garlic grown in plastic canisters


Many of us love and grow own garlic. It is like a tradition and it is nothing to be surprised about. Autumn planting tends to be most popular and indeed, in many gardens you can already see pretty large garlic plants promising a successful harvest. No garden? Do not despair. Garlic can be grown in other ways, for example in plastic containers on your balcony. Traditional growing is better course, but if you do not have any other options, go for this one…

You only need few things

Your equipment:

  • plastic canisters,
  • plastic cups,
  • substrate,
  • water

Very simple procedure

Lay the plastic canister down and draw 6 circles on it. Take scissors and cut the circles out. You also need to make holes at the bottom of the plastic cups. Take garlic bulbs and cut off the tips with a sharp knife and place them whole in plastic caps with the root side down. Fill canisters with water. Insert each plastic into the holes in the canister. You should see the roots sprouting out in just 3 days. After 5 days the roots should be strong and long enough.

Canisters are ideal for growing

When the cloves developed solid roots, you can take them out and divide them. Cut off the side of the canister and fill it with soil. Now you can plant garlic cloves as you would in a regular flower bed and water it. Your balcony is a great place to grow garlic. You can check the entire procedure in the following video clip.

Youtube: DIY zahradní nápady

Preview photo: Pixabay

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