Step by step composting process


Would you like to have an organic “homemade” compost that is full of the good stuff and promotes growth like crazy? A well-balanced compost loaded with nutrients is a must and it is not difficult to make it. You do not need any special composter, just a suitable spot in your garden. In the following lines, we shall take a closer look at the composting process.

Basic composting rules

Composting is a relatively simple process but you need to follow few basic rules. Here they are.

Proper layering

Different layers are important. The bottom layers should include coarser material such as wood chips, woody stems or shavings. You may add other matters as needed. It is better to add a large amount of matter at once than keep adding small amounts over and over.


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Combination of different materials

A mixture of many materials that are very different in terms of consistency is recommended. For example, dry and moist, dense and porous or brown and green matter.

Startup process and soil

It is recommended to start the decomposing process by adding a mature compost or manure. To increase the quality, add soil and pour water over it to promote and accelerate decomposition. Chicken droppings are excellent. You need to keep the compost moist and monitor it. Earthworms in compost are also great helpers.


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