Smart greenhouse? Improved greenhouse?


We all know that growing plants in a greenhouse offers many benefits. You can harvest earlier but you can also extent the harvest season and if you have a heated greenhouse you can grow plants all year round. But there are also disadvantages. Pests and diseases spread faster than outdoors and this is where a smart greenhouse invented by students of the University of Technology comes in. The goal is to maintain optimal growing conditions as well as proper protection against diseases.

Disease evaluation

A smart greenhouse provides optimal growing conditions for the most common crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Thanks to optimal growing conditions your plants should be more resilient to diseases but if you notice a disease, pests or infection, you can take a picture of the affected part and upload it to a smart app, which will evaluate the disease. If the app cannot recognize the disease, you may use it to send the picture to an expert who should be able to help you.


Photo: Pixabay

App for everyone

The disease detection app was first accessible only to those who have a smart greenhouse but it is now available to the general public as a free trial. It is a very useful app, because not everyone is able to identify all pests or symptoms of various diseases and as mentioned earlier, diseases and pets spreads faster in a greenhouse so, you need to act as soon as possible.

Disease section may not be easy

Symptoms can be very similar – typically you will see spots on leaves or fruits and quite frankly, they may look very similar so it may not be easy to determine the exact cause or disease. In many cases you fail to detect the problem in time and you only notice the mess or damage behind and by this time it may be too late.


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