How to propagate lavender easily during summer


Everyone loves the great scent of lavender. This beautiful flower is one of the perennials that many gardeners cannot do without. English lavender, (Lavandula officinalis), is grown in many different variations. Although it originally comes from Mediterranean regions, it got very “comfortable” in Europe quickly. The scent of lavender is truly intoxicating, pleasant and inspiring. Do you have lavender at home? Well, if you do not it doesn’t matter, because you can easily grow it and propagate it. How? We shall tell you how in the following lines.

First, you need to have your own plant, obviously

If you do, make sure you have a high-quality plant. You can buy the best and resistant plants from May to September. Do not underestimate the importance of a good new plant. Focus mainly on the size of its flowers, the intensity of the scent and other aspects. You should plant before the evening in a flower pot that offers a sufficient space.You need enough space for reproduction. A sandy loamy substrate is ideal for lavender.


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After one month you can propagate

One month after planting you may start propagation. First, choose a twig at the edge that reaches all the way down to the ground. Press the twig into the substrate gently. Make sure it will not brake or detach from the plant. The end tip of the plant should protrude about 10 cm above the soil. Cover the area where the twig is below the ground with a substrate. You may press down several twigs at same time.When done, water the area thoroughly. It must remain properly moist for a long time.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

In about six weeks the plant takes roots

Yes, about six weeks are needed for the twig to take root. After that it will be strong enough to live independently of the mother plant.Now you can cut the twig from the mother plant and transplant it. Piece of cake. You can propagate and grow many plants in this way.

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Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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