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One of the most common apple processing methods is to make an excellent cider. But if you don’t mind putting a little bit extra effort in, you can use them differently, maybe even better. We are talking about apple strudels and other pastries or desserts which are absolutely delicious. But what about trying little different recipes this year? You may discover entirely different uses and you will love them.

Caramel apples

To make this wonderful dessert/sauce you will need 1 kg of apples. Peel them and remove the cores and then cut into small pieces. Spread the pieces on a baking sheet and bake at 180 °C until soft. Mix occasionally. Meanwhile, melt 150 g of butter in a saucepan. Put 150 g of cane sugar into the melted butter and let it caramelize. Stir the baked apples into this mixture and blend well. While it is still hot, fill glasses with the mixture, cover them and turn upside down. After cooling, store in a cool and dark place.


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Apple-cranberry chutney

You need 1 kg of apples. Make sure they are ripe and soft. Cut apples into small cubes. You will also need 500 g of “harder” apples, which you will cut into larger cubes. Peel and remove the cores. The weight in the recipe refers to apples without cores and peeled. Also, peel 450 g of onion and cut them into thin strips. Peel and grate 50 g of fresh ginger. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and add 500 g granulated sugar and 250 ml of apple cider vinegar. Cook slowly until the sugar dissolves. Now, increase the temperature and bring to a boil. Cook for 50 minutes. Then stir in 500 g of cranberries and cook for another 10 minutes. When done, fill glasses with the mixture, close them and turn them upside down. You may consume this delicacy right after cooling. Store in a dark place.

Apple salad with beetroot

First, cook 320 g of beetroot. Let it cool down. Peel 1 large apple and remove the core. Cut it into small cubes. Peel 1 red onion and cut into thin slices. Add the slices to cubed apples and stir in 4 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley. Then mix in 2 teaspoons of capers and lemon juice (half a lemon) . Finally, stir in the finely grated beetroot. Serve chilled.

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