Caring for rhubarb is easy


Rhubarb is a very tasty vegetable, but we use it more like a fruit, as it is mainly used in desserts or sweets, or we make marmalades and jams from rhubarb. Growing is not difficult at all and you need to follow few basic requirements. What requirements? Read below.


Since rhubarb does not do well during dry weather make sure to check it regularly during hot summer and water regularly. If you have a sprinkler system you may use it to keep moisture levels consistent. Rhubarb will grow well in cooler areas as long as you water it enough.Regular watering is important during the first two years. You must also keep the soil moist enough throughout the growing season. A layer of mulch is a good idea to minimize water loss and making your job easier.


After the first spring frost – in the second year of growth, you should apply high-nitrogen fertilizer or well-ripened manure around the plant 115 g per 0.8m2 is enough. Be careful and do not apply the fertilizer directly on the crown as you can burn it. Repeat fertilizing right after harvesting.

RhubarbPhoto: Pixabay


As temperatures rise during the summer, you need to apply mulch to your rhubarb. About 5 – 10 cm thick layer will do . An excellent choice is crushed bark, leaves or straw. Keep adding mulch regularly during the growing season to maintain an even thickness. This will keep weeds at bay and lock the moisture in. In autumn, remove dead leaves and other debris from around your plants. Do not worry if you expose the crown to frost during winter. This actually promotes the growth of strong stalks in the next year.


Remove all weeds regularly, but make sure not to damage shallow roots of rhubarb.

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