Banana peel – can it be used for something?


Nature shows us again that everything it produces can be used for something. Even things or waste that we normally throw away. This is also true to banana peels. Well, there is one use of banana peel that everyone knows – slipping on it as seen in various comic gags. But did you know that it may be used for cleaning or even for improving our health?
Yes, we know. Banana peels always end up in the trash or in a composter – before you can benefit from them.

Banana peels can be used to clean your indoor plants

Take the inside of the peel and carefullywipe dust from large leaves of your houseplants. This will remove dust perfectly and even polish the surface of the leaves. Simple and painless. The oils and other substances in the peel will partially penetrate the surface and will nourish them.

Photo: Pixabay

Banana peel as a skin cleanser

Do you have leather shoes or a leather bag koženoukabelku,but keep forgetting to buy the special product to clean them? It doesn’t matter, the inside of a banana peel can help you again. Use it gently to remove stains and polish the shoes. Finally, polish everything with a dry cloth and you are done. You will be surprised how well the peel works. The result is actually comparable with products you buy in stores! Just watch out for zippers or metal studs as small pieces of banana peel can stick to them.

Your beauty assistant

Do you brush your teeth after each meal? If not, try to remember to clean your teeth after eating a banana. Use the inside of the peel to wipe and polish your teeth. You will remove the sticky coating, and if you use the peel regularly, your teeth will become a little bit whiter…
Did you woke up in the morning tired and you see those saggy circles under your eyes? Well, have a banana for breakfast. When done, place pieces of banana peel on the saggy eye bags. Leave it on for ten minutes and you should be able to go work or see you friends. Your eyes should be in much better shape.
Did you know that bananas with edible skin have been cultivated? If you are lucky you will see bananas with edible skin in your supermarket soon

Preview photo: Pixabay

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