An ideal time to sow tomatoes is now. Follow basic rules


Growing your own vegetables at home is definitely worth it. At the beginning of March is the best time to sow tomatoes. Everybody prefers home-grown juicy tomatoes from own garden rather than those sold in supermarkets. No brainer. So, let us look at some basic principles that you need to follow.

Quality seeds is a must

Best if you have high-quality seeds from your own tomatoes. That way you know what you will be sowing and what to expect as you already had the tomatoes last year. You can also choose seeds offered by various sellers. You should choose based on the type of plant you prefer. You can get regular tomatoes that require stakes for support or smaller bush tomatoes.If you are after a certain shape of fruit, you can choose so-called lava, round, tomato plants producing large fleshy fruits, cherry tomatoes or even wild tomatoes . There are so many types of tomatoes to choose from that the sky is the limit.

Soil and containers

Best if you choose soil designed for sowing and propagation.As for the container, choose an oblong container with a cover to maintain the necessary humidity inside, but you also need to provide suitable ventilation system.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Best time to sow tomatoes

You can start in mid-February, but the ideal time is the beginning of March.Tomatoes intended for greenhouses and covered containers are sown in mid-February. If you want to plant outdoors, you can start sowing now.

Sowing tips

Seeds are hand-sewn in small doses but do not sow too densely. Seeds need to be covered with a soil but do not cover them with a thick layer of soil. Gently water the sown area with a watering can equipped with a mouth that has tiny holes. You do not want to wash the seeds away. If you sow in a container, cover it when you done and put it on a south window. Ideal temperature for germination should be around 25 °C.Wild tomatoes need warmer temperature – around 28 to 30 °C. Good temperature for growth is around 15 to 20 °C. Make sure the soil will not dry out completely.


Photo: Radek Štěpán


When seeds germinate and you see two first leaves – cotyledons, you should thin the seedlings and transplant them to little pots.As true leaves appear and the seedlings grow place them in a larger pots. The size should be at least 8×8 cm. Use regular garden substrate.



Watering and temperature

Tomatoes need water but we all tend to overdo it so be careful. An ideal temperature for growing potted plants is 15°Cbut the temperature is always higher during germination. You should also expose seedlings to cooler temperatures so they can get more resilient. Start with ventilation.

Moving plants to your greenhouse or flower bed

You can transfer plants to your greenhouse in April and you may put them outside in mid-May, when there is no danger of freezing temperatures.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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