What to do with Christmas tree after the holidays are over? Well, do not put it in your garden.

Christmas tree

Are you tempted to buy a live Christmas tree? That is a tree that actually lives, grows and makes you happy for a long time? A tree living in a flowerpot is nice but sometimes you destroy this fragile beauty because you do not know how to care for it properly.

For example, it is not true that a tree in your living room needs a lot of water and it will certainly not appreciate if you take it outside too soon. So, how to take for your tree properly?

You can decorate a living tree but do not keep it indoors for long time

Conifers living in heated houses and apartments soon wake up and start sprouting. If your tree wakes up from the winter slumber you cannot force it back “to sleep and rest” again. You can keep providing warmth, but you cannot provide sunlight and that is a much bigger problem.

Christmas tree

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Therefore, if you want to use a living tree, keep pines indoors no more than for a week, and hemlocks and spruce trees for only three days. Then remove the decoration and move them to a bright, frost-free room. Water sparingly – even though the dry air from central heating can be truly devastating for trees, but overwatering is even worse. Keep the soil evenly moist and make sure it never dries out completely. If this happens, soak the flower pot in lukewarm water for half an hour, let it drain well and then water sparingly again.

Planting outdoors or in a flowerpot

Well, it depends whether you want to enjoy a live Christmas tree in your apartment for years to come or you do not mind a shorter time. It also depends on the variety you have. For example, (Abies koreana)Korean fir grows really slowly, so it will last in one pot for several years, but (Abies grandis) the giant fir cannot be in one flower pot for a long time. You need to transplant it regularly and care for it.

But you can also plant a tree that you want to put again in your apartment in the next year. If that is the case, plant it in a container again at the latest at the end of September, so that it has enough time to create a strong root system that will allow it to live and survive the conditions in our houses and apartments.

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