Unconventional use of garlic. Interesting and funny at the same time


Garlic is one of the most commonly used vegetables and it should be no surprise! We all value it because it is loaded with many amazing substances and nutrients, but also for its typical and unmistakable taste. Garlic may be used basically anywhere. Do you not believe? Then keep on readingand we shall tell you how you can use garlic in less common ways. There are many alternative uses and we shall list the ones that are not so popular.

Problem with ants? Use garlic and ants will soon disappear

Garlic is an excellent insecticide. If you burry garlic in your garden ants will not get near that spot. Garlic will prevent ants from getting near woody plants – ants will try to avoid the location. Even indoors. If you place a clove of garlic in an ant path they will definitely go around. Maybe they will even leave your house entirely….


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Warts and corns

Warts are a real evil, aren’t they?. Especially on your feet. If you wish to get rid of warts just place a slice of garlic on the wart, cover it with a plaster and then put on socks as usual. You can wear it for more than 24 hours. The area will gradually warm up and the warts should peel off. Repeat until you get the core of the wart out. If you have corns, try rubbing crushed garlic on it and follow the same procedure until you get rid of it.

Pets and fleas

Who hasn’t seen fleas on a four-legged pet? Probably everyone. These parasites can also be eliminated in a natural way and without chemicals. Try adding some garlic to the pet’s feed. A tiny amount should be enough.

Garlic can treat unwanted spots on your face!

Putting crushed garlic on your face is not exactly pleasant but garlic can remove spots that you may have on your face. It is worth trying.


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Renovate your old furniture!

This may sounds rather farfetched but cloves of garlic can also save your furniture. Rub peeled garlic into grooves in your old furniture. They will fill gradually. Once they do, let the grooves dry. After that, you can polish and wax the spot as you would regularly.

Eliminate limescale

Limescale can do a real damage, especially if it accumulates in an iron for example. You can easily remove the limescale deposit with garlic and you will disinfect your clothes at the same time. Interesting, isn’t it?

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