Truffles – you may find the most expensive food in the world


Do you know the most expensive food in the world? Of course you do. It is called a truffle – a fungus belonging to the Tuberaceae family, which mushroom hunters around the world love. Foodconnoisseurs cannot get enough of it and chefs love to prepare delicious specialties from this rare food. It should come as no surprise because the aroma of truffles is very strong. It is even regarded unpleasant by some people as it resembles kerosene or something stale. But there is no substitute for truffles and you can get a lot of money for it. Approximately 30 centimetres under the ground you can find a treasure. Literary. Truffles are picked by specialists who use trained pigs, dogs or even specific type of flies. What types of truffles are there, what is the price, where can they be found and may they be grown artificially?

What types of truffles are there and how much they cost?

There are several types of truffles. The most expensive is the white truffle. It is regularly purchased  or sold for around 1200 Euros per 1 kg. In central Europe truffles may cost more than 2 000 Euros. The price also depends on the size of individual truffles. Just like diamonds. The larger the truffle, the more expensive it is. Just for a reference, the most expensive truffle of the century was found in 2007 and weighed 1.5 kg. It was auctioned and sold for an incredible amount of USD 330,000. White truffle is prized so high mainly because of its very strong and long-lasting aroma. A very popular is also the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). It is also very valued in gastronomy and its price is around  900 Euros per 1 kg. Also the so-called summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is widely used which costs around 100 Euros per 1 kg.

truffle-dogTruffles: Photo Pixabay

Truffles grow in our region too

In order for truffles to grow they need to live in symbiosis with the root system of trees. This mainly includes beeches, spruces or hazelnuts, but also other trees. The most famous truffle site is the Perigord region in France but truffles are also found in Burgundy. You may find them in the Pedmont region in Italy and in Istria.

Truffle farms already exist

Experts have already found the way how to grow truffles in special farms. Trees that truffles need to live in symbiosis are planted in the farm and then injected with the correct fungus. Traditionally, black truffle is grown on farms. All you need to do is wait for few years to see if truffles germinate – to see the typical bare circles free of any vegetation around the trees. Scientists currently experiment with the most expensive white truffle. So let’s wait and see …

Winter truffle: Photo Pixabay

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