Pea sowing and cultivation

Everyone knows pea.  This great crop is loved by many around the world. Pea has miraculous properties and tastes great. It contains many sugars which can supply the human body with the necessary energy and also many crucial vitamins. Just to name few we shall at least mention vitamins belonging to the B series. There are many varieties and they are all excellent. The most common is sugar pea which is consumed together with the pods, or regular pea and many others. We shall focus on the pea sewing process.

Temperature and soil

First of all you should pay attention to the outside temperature. It should range from 13 to 18 degrees of Celsius. Even though pea likes cooler weather it cannot deal with really cold temperatures. Make sure you sow pea in light and permeable soil able to retain sufficient amount of water. Sufficient means sufficient for pea. This crop will not do well under very wet conditions for a long time. A great idea is to use compost to supply nutrients. It is not advisable to sow pea at locations where it was planted before.

peasPeas: Photo Pixabay

Sowing period under scrutiny

If the outside temperature exceeds 10° Celsius you may start sowing. If you rush and start sowing during colder weather, the plant will germinate much slower. A good idea is to cover the plant with a foil during the initial stage which will increase the temperature and help cumulate moisture. The best approach is to sow gradually over approximately 2-week period. The last sowing should be completed approximately 10 weeks before the first freezing weather hits.

Pea sowing method

Make sure you know how to sow. It is very important. The best method is to sow into lanes so individual plants can lean against each other for support. These lanes should be approximately 6 centimetres deep and 3 centimetres wide. The total width of these lanes may be 20 centimetres. An excellent method is to sow in two lanes. This way you will have 2 lanes in one flowerbed or patch. In any case, pea should reward you with a rich harvest.

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Peas: Photo Pixabay

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