The time to trim ornamental grasses is almost here


March is the time when you should prune all kinds of ornamental grass in your garden. Ornamental plants beautify your garden and after the winter is gone they deserve proper care. We have several tips that may help you with ornamental grass trimming. You cannot avoid ornamental grass trimming if you want to keep your garden neat.

It all begins in March

March is the month when ornamental grass calls for trimming and cutting. You have to take care of yourgarden after harsh winter and ornamental grass is no exception. At the beginning of spring gardeners use trimming tools and scissors to make the necessary adjustments, and so should you. First, remove various wintering measures you put in place before the winter, which usually involves removing straw patches and coverings.Before trimming make sure your tools are in working condition, – sharpened and properly adjusted. You cannot achievesatisfactory results with dull toolsand you may even damage your plants.

What should you cut and what you should leave alone?

Well it depends. For example we don’t trim grass such asalpine oatgrass, sedges, tussock grass, koeleria or festuca. Just remove dry parts, but do not use scissors. Pruning applies to deciduous grasses. Thesehave to be trimmed, to a height of about ten to fifteen centimetres above the ground. If you do not do this, new grass shoots will have a problem toto grow through and old and dead parts will dominate.Trimming makes it easier for new grass to grow.

Deciduous grasses include…

Grass that definitely need cut back include the widespread genus miscanthus. These are decorative grasses that bloom profusely. For example,miscanthus sinensis zebrinusis a yellow stripe grass thatreaches height of 1.8 meters. It blooms in autumn and thrives, providing that it lived through a long and warm summer. Another cultivar isChinese silver grass, which has dark and very narrow leaves. It is often used to decorate flower beds and hasinteresting panicles with lines.

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