How to grow wild garlic. Replanting wild garlic in your patch – also known as bear’s garlic


There is not much going on in our garden at the moment, but around us, there are many interesting plants that deserve our attention. A typical example is wild garlic. This inconspicuous, and rather small plant, is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It appears in the early spring and within about a month it quietly disappears. Wild garlic should be harvested during this time, but also transplanted to your garden, if you wish to grow it of course. You can always get wild garlic seedlings in growshops at this time, and grow it in your garden with no problems. Where to transplant it and how? Well, the following lines plus our instructional video shall shed some light on this issue.

A shady place is recommended

Do you know which plant the bears are searching for in the spring first? Yes, of course it is a wild garlic, also known as bear’s garlic. Its traditional habitat includes various forests and woodlands. You will find wild garlic near trees or hiding in the shade, so you should select similar shady location in your garden as well. If you cannot provide a similar spot, the plant may be suffering from a lack of moisture, that is if planted in a dry spot. In any case, you will be able to tell soon whether your wild garlic is flourishing or not.


Wild garlic: Photo Radek Štěpán

Distance? Any distance will do

Planting wild garlic is a very individual matter. There are no special fields in the forest, right? It just grows anywhere where the conditions are right. Many people already know where to look during the garlic season. We brought it from the forest, planted it at three different locations and added quality soil.

Occasional watering is sufficient

If you plant wild garlic in the right place, you will not need to bother with a regular watering. But if you did not, keep in mind that also this plant deserves its fair portion of moisture. You do not have to bother with fertilization much either. Over time, wild garlic should spread around. If it grows too much, simply dig it out and throw it away – well you may compost it. To see how we dealt with our wild garlic, check the following video.

Wild garlic plamting : Video Radek Štěpán

Wild garlic: Photo Pixabay

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