How to make pesto out of wild garlic


Have you ever went wild garlic picking or are you growing wild garlic in your garden? Whatever the case may be, you still need to know how to properly preserve while garlic. One of the traditional methods is to make pesto out of wild garlic. You can make pesto from fresh or frozen garlic. It is up to you but it also depends on what part of the season is. Making a pesto out of wild garlic is not that difficult. First, we shall take a look at the ingredients and then we shall describe the process. You may even watch our instructional video.

You will need

  • 170 g wild garlic,
  • 17 g sea salt,
  • 110 unsalted cashew nuts,
  • 100 ml olive oil,
  • 70 g Gran Padano cheese.

How to start?

Simple. Just take all the ingredients and a handheld blender and start mixing everything together. You may be surprised but it is going to take a rather long time to mix it all well. Especially nuts need to be blended well and your blender will work very hard. Blend the mixture thoroughly. There should be no bits of cashew nuts or garlic in pesto. Pesto must be smooth and you should not bite into something hard. Good wild garlic pesto should be soft and should almost have a honey-like texture.

Things to watch for

There are several things that can ruin your pesto. For example, old cashew nuts that do not smell so fresh and fail to meet the required quality. Do not buy wild garlic because it is usually very weak and your pesto will be too plain. Also check the expiration date of your olive oil. Older oils no longer have the preservation properties that you need. Salt should be very fine. Coarse grains are very difficult to mix well and small pieces of salt may even remain in the pesto. It is not pleasant if you bite into one of those. In any case, you should check out our instructional video.

Video: Youtube Radek Štěpán

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