Strawberries in supermarkets. Good or not so good?


Have you stopped at your supermarket to get some vitamins? Good job. Supermarkets carry a wide range of fruits and vegetables, even now during the winter months. Of course the majority is imported from foreign and more southern countries and that is ok because otherwise we would not be able to enjoy our traditional summer vegetables and fruits in winter. Let us take strawberries for example. These days they are plentiful all year round and no one think of them as precious anymore. But are these strawberries the real stuff?

Possible allergic reactions

Strawberries bought during winter months in supermarkets can cause, for example, allergic reactions in some people. After consumption, people, mostly children, can get the typical skin rash. If you eat home-grown strawberries you will not get that. Some people may even get mouth ulcers (canker sores) or even severe headaches. Very unpleasant. Eating chemically treated strawberries is something what sensitive people should avoid.


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What about the missing taste?

These “winter” strawberries taste like nothing and smell like nothing. Sometimes they do not even look attractive. They are usually not red and sometimes even green and very hard. Well, nothing like the “summer” strawberries. This is because winter strawberries are often grown on plastic plantations which are basically one big plastic desert.

Get other fruits and vegetables

The best choice in winter is apples and pears – from your own garden. That is if you have one. When stored properly apples and veggies can survive throughout the entire winter without problems and still keep the vitamins. If you have no choice and have to buy vegetables, get beetroot or peppers. For example, if you get ginger most often you will get a fresh piece. And of course do not forget about sauerkraut! It is an excellent source of vitamins. Again, if you can go for the homemade stuff of course.

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