Cauliflower growing – step by step


Cauliflower growing is rather easy and even beginners can do it. That is if certain steps are followed. This vegetable grows better in cool weather so you can transplant seedlings from your outdoor flowerpot to soil about two weeks before the last spring frost. Or you can simply sow cauliflower seeds directly in the soil in late summer and wait for the harvest in autumn. If you do saw in summer make sure the soil temperature is at least 13 °C. If it gets too hot, the plant will not produce large fruits.

Seedlings transition

If you decide to sow seeds indoors you must move your seedlings before planting outdoors. Transitioning helps seedlings to get used to the outdoor conditions, especially to lower temperatures. The process requires about 7 to 10 days, mainly depending on the weather. Best is to use a mini greenhouse or a glass screen. When the days are dry and frost-free, leave the seedlings outside during the day, but bring them back inside for the night. Gradually, increase the time your plants spend outside and during the second week you can leave them outside overnight.

Seedling spacing

Plant individual seedlings about 63cm apart and leave 63cm between rows too to get big heads. If you variety of cauliflower classifies as mini vegetable, you can plant them closer – about 15 to 25.5 cm from each other. Keep in mind that the distance between individual plants directly affects the size of the heads.


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Cauliflower requires fertile, well-drained, well-compacted and moderately moist soil rich in organic matter. The ideal pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0.


Cauliflower needs at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun a day but it also needs to rest in a shade.


Cauliflower is very sensitive to temperature changes. Optimum soil temperature for germination is about 26.5°C, but if the temperature remains above 10°C you can still expect a decent harvest. Cauliflower will grow best when the soil temperature is at least 21°C but on the other hand if the temperature if above 26.5°C the plant usually produces “rough heads”.

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