Parlour palm, a well-recognized but undemanding plant

Parlour palm

The Latin name of parlour palm is Chamaedorea elegans, but you can also hear Chamaedorea ornamental. It is a very interesting plant with beautiful light green fluffy leaves. In nature, parlour palm lives in tropical forests of southern Mexico and Guatemala, and you can usually find it growing under the canopy of tall trees. This tells you that parlour palm does not like direct light, but rather diffused yet bright light. This plant is a beautiful and extremely elegant interior decoration. Hence the name parlour palm. A dense cloud of soft, pale green leaves looks impressive, and you should definitely place it at an exposed place so, anyone can admire its beauty.

A really tall plant

In ideal indoor conditions parlour palm can reach a height of about 150 cm, but in nature it grows even more. Flowering is also interesting. A shoot appears above leaves with numerous green and yellow flowers shaped as small balls. Parlour palm grows very slowly and produces about 2 to 3 leaves each year. This could be seen as an advantage for home cultivation as frequent re-potting is not necessary. Chamaedorea elegans looks exotic but it is still considered a low maintenance plant.

Parlour palmPhoto: David J. Stang,

Growing requirements

A place that gets plenty of morning sun will be most suitable, but only in the morning, as too much sunlight causes leaf burn. As for soil, use a slightly acidic, fertile, permeable, drained, humus-rich substrate. Transplant only when the container is too tight for the plant to grow. Parlour palm likes moisture, but does not like too much water so, you need to be careful when watering. Use boiled soft water and water when it cooled down to the room temperature. Since humidity is very important, do not forget to sprinkle leaves regularly with an atomizer.


Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer or use special fertilizers for palm or green plants.

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