Time to collect sting needle is approaching. Spring is the best time.


Spring is fast approaching and spring blooming brings a plethora of different plants that can be used for various purposes. Of course, sting nettle or simply nettle is among them. We all remember childhood when this very plant was a kind of an evil ghost and all small children were afraid of it. Yes, sting nettle contains trichomes and those substances can really irritate the skin, however, stinging nettle burns are also healthy because they contain serotonin, formic acid, histamines and other substances. Either way, nettle is a medicinal herb. So, how does sting like that can help and what is it made of? You shall learn all this in the following lines. But first, let us tell you why springtime is best for collecting nettles.

Spring collection

Best is to set out for nettle collecting trip in early springand you can keep collecting approximately until May 20. After that, nettles contain a large amount of nitrates and that is not good. Try collecting in places where there are not “too” many nettles. Why? Because if you see huge area covered by nettles, it may be due to the fact that the area has been chemically enhanced. This could happen near agricultural fields or next to roads.


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Nettle spinach or tea

Both are great. You can make tea from fresh or dried nettle leaves. If you go for fresh leaves, just 5 leaves should be enough and if you prefer dried leaves then one levelled tablespoon should do. Leaves should be in hot water for least 15 minutes. Note: small children and pregnant, breastfeeding women should be careful when consuming nettles. 


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What makes nettle special

Nettle is loaded with good stuff but it is mainly used to strengthen the immune system and to help fight the following ailments:

  • against anaemia – nettle contains iron,
  • urinary tract infections,
  • supports metabolism,
  • helps regulate urinary cycle,
  • supports healthy hair and fights dandruff,
  • digestive problems.

Nettle contains plenty of vitamins. For example vitamins belonging to: A, B1, B2, B3, C and K group. Thanks to silicic acid, nettle promotes growth of nails and hair.

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