A perfectly clean oven in no time using a “helper” that you already have at home


It happens. You are baking this great meatloaf of yours and some juice or little piece gets out of the tray and sticks to the oven wall. It does not matter what kind of food burns it creates as they are all the same. A piece of dough, chicken juice, or pizza cheese all turn into ugly burns. If you do not take action, the inside of your oven will be soon covered with dirty burns which are very difficult to remove.

Do you prefer using all the though brushes and brute force? Or do you use chemicals and then feel guilty about it?Well, starting today you can try something different. A lemon. That is right

Citrus fruits

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Wipe lemon on the burns, turn the oven on and let it work

Yes, that is it. These are the basic rules that you need to follow to clean your oven. You can really do it without scrubbing but you need to be precise. First, you need to identify all spots. Use a strong light to find all dirty spots. Drop few drops of lemon on the spots and wait five minutes.

Now, pour water into a pot or saucepan and add two spoons of lemon juice in it. Place the pot in the oven and turn set it to max. Wait five minutes. When done, do not open the oven. Give the lemon time to work. Let the oven rest overnight, and in the morning, you just wipe the loosen dirt away with an old towel. It could not be simpler.

Works for microwave ovens too

The cleaning process is exactly the same and three minutes under full power are usually enough. And because microwave is much smaller you will need only about 2-3 hours of the “work” time, depending on how dirty your microwave oven is. If it is really dirty, you may have to repeat the procedure again.

Lemon also removes limescale

Now, take few pieces of lemon to the bathroom. Rub lemon pieces around the spots where you see deposits of limescale. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse. Limescale should be loosen enough to be wiped off, or it may even be gone. That is it.

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