Non-traditional ways to use apples you may or may not know


Apples are very popular and are consumed in our region throughout the entire year. Yes, I hear you. The quality of apples currently displayed on shelves of many supermarkets during winter and spring, is very questionable at best, but even these offer plenty of vitamins and other chemical compounds which are beneficial to the human body. But wait, apples are not just an excellent source of vitamins and other nutrients. They are used in many other ways. What ways? Well, we shall reveal the secret in the following lines. Some are truly remarkable.

Your legs will feel stronger

Eating apples every day will not replace your workout that is for sure, nevertheless, it is an ideal food for people with sedentary jobs. Why? Just exercise with the apple for a while and there you go. You have your workout. Put the apple between your knees and squeeze it for 10 seconds. This will strengthen the inner muscles of your legs.

An apple accelerates the ripening process of other fruits

Did you know that apples release ethylene? This gas can speed up ripening of some other fruits. An apple is an excellent ripening booster for tomatoes at the end of the season. Kiwifruit, which is usually sold hard and sour, will also speed up the ripening.

Brown sugar will not clump anymore

Brown sugar tends to stick together very quickly and forms relatively large clumps. You can prevent this easily. Put a piece of apple in the sugar container.

Make nausea disappear

Are you sick when travelling? If so, don’t forget to bring a green apple with you. It may sound strange but apple can also eliminate the initial symptoms of migraines.

appleApples: Photo Pixabay

Skin rejuvenation

A face mask made of grated apples, oatmeal and olive oil is an excellent refresh for your skin. The main active ingredient in apples is pectin. You don’t really need to grade the apples and you may not even have enough time to do so, but don’t despair. Slices will do the trick just as good.

Apples work as an excellent air humidifier

Apples will also help you to keep your pastries fresh and prevent bread and biscuits from becoming inedible because apples can maintain humidity and moisture in the room better.

Apples improve the taste of vodka

If you like flavoured alcohol, and vodka is the only spirit you have at home, try putting apples in it. Leave it in a dark place for about 4 days and your vodka will become an excellent apple flavoured drink.

Apples: Photo Pixabay

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