How to peel a kiwi or avocado using a simple trick


These are foods that should definitely be included in our diet. Unfortunately, to prepare them properly, we usually need more time than we are willing to give up. Of course our time is valuable and not surprisingly, being so busy and all, we simply chose to leave them in the fridge rather than dealing with it and reaping all the benefits they offer. Today we shall teach you a little trick and you shall be able to include these great fruits in your diet easily and more often. Do not worry it is not complicated – all you need is one ordinary glass and two minutes.

How to easily peel a kiwifruit

Let’s start with this hairy fruit, which is also known as Chinese gooseberry. It contains a load of vitamin C and many other beneficial substances, especially enzymes. And what is the trick? Well here it goes. Wash it well and cut it in half. Cut out the hard part where the flower stalk is. You do not eat it anyway and it would only be in your way.

avocadoAvocado: Photo Pixabay

Now take a glass with a diameter similar to your kiwifruit. Place the half of the fruit you just cut on the edge of the glass. Make sure that the edge of the glass easily slides between the skin and the soft flesh of the fruit. Push it down lightly to separate the skin and the flesh. The peeled kiwifruit will fall in the glass and the skin with a minimum of flesh left on it will remain in your hand and you can throw it away.

An additional benefit is that you have not deprived the fruit of its valuable juice, plus imagine how great such a smooth looking fruit will look on your fruit salad or dessert.

How to peel an avocado easily and quickly

You can use the same procedure for avocado but just remember to remove the round stone before peeling. You can remove the stone easily. Just stuck knife in it, turn the knife slightly to release the stone and remove it. Now do the same trick with the glass and before you know it, you are holding a perfectly clean half of avocado in your hand. No dirty cutting board, knife or hand. This method is excellent for peeling soft fruits which otherwise make a real mess on your kitchen counter.

Kiwi: Photo Pixabay

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