Water is everything. How much water potatoes, avocados and other crops need?


The supply of life-giving, precious water is limited in the world and it is clear that the demand for water is steadily increasing. This fact is indisputable. Our consumption is enormous and water is often needlessly wasted. But for now, let us not focus on how people use and abuse water but let us focus on how much water different crops actually need to grow an how much water is needed to produce common foods that are a regular part of our diet. You will be suppressed how much water is needed to produce these products.

Different types of crops need different amount of water

First of all, we shall mention that traditional crops which grow in harmony with nature consume water in optimal volumes. Potatoes are probably the most popular vegetable in our part of the world. You need approximately 287 litres of water to grow 1 kg of potato. And what about apples in the same amount? Well it is around 822 litres. Tomatoes need about 214 litres of water per 1 kg. And what about other crops? Avocado for example. Avocado is very popular, but it devours an incredible amount of water. One small avocado needs almost two bathtubs full of water.

avocadoAvocado: Photo Pixabay

Chocolate also needs plenty of water

It would be almost impossible to find people who do not love chocolate. But here is an interesting fact. Did you know that 1 kilogram of this delicacy needs about 17,000 litres of water?  An incredibly high number. We are truly lucky that we do not consume tons of chocolate every day. On a second thought, some people do…

Even meet needs a lot of water

And what about animals bred for meat? Animal breeding requires huge amount of water. You need approximately 15,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of beef. The very same beef you see in the stores. Pork and chicken breeding process requires about one third of that amount. Even so, these are huge volumes.

And what about drinks?

Also drinks require plenty of water. To produce 1 kg of black tea you need 8,800 litres of water. You need about 132 litres of water to produce approximately 125 ml of coffee, and you need 255 litres of water to produce 250 ml of milk.

Water: Photo Pixabay

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