How to spray fruit trees correctly


Fruit tree spraying during the spring is very important, as it can effectively protect trees from infections and unpleasant diseases that could even prevent healthy growth. Let us look at individual diseases of fruit trees in terms of spraying and which sprays work well and best protect your trees. Here are the most common diseases.

Spraying against apple and pear scab during the spring

We could name Baycor, for example 25 WP, Mythos 30SC, Topas 100 EC nebo Novozir MN 80. Apple and peer scab is a fungal disease that damage leaves, blossoms and, last but not least, the fruits. When infected you notice scabby, cracked and deformed fruits. The first spray should be applied during sprouting. There are several different products to choose from. For example Topas 100 EC or Novozir MN 80. Clarinet 20 SC is also an excellent choice.

fruit-treeFruit trees: Photo Pixabay

Eliminate pear rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)

A pear rust is a very bad disease as the entire colonies of trees in orchards can get infected. You can easily identify this disease when you notice typical warts and bumps on the back of leaves. Fruits will get gradually smaller, deformed and eventually fall down to the ground where they rot and cannot be used at all. Unfortunately, chemical sprays are not able to completely eliminate this disease. Most common product is Baycor 25 WP which is used before and right after blossoming. If you happen to have Junipers near pears you need to cut them down and remove them as they are very susceptible to this disease

Dangerous moniline rot

Moniline rot (Monilinia fructigena) is literally devastating. Apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are particularly at risk. Brown dots on the skin are typical demonstration of the disease. During the next stage brown dots, arranged into circles, gradually turn into white pads. Unfortunately, the infected fruit remains on branches hiding, but it must be destroyed. Rovral 50 WP is the most commonly used sprays.

Spraying fruit trees: Photo Radek Štěpán

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