How to select the right support stakes for tomato plants


Tomato growing is a popular activity in our region and it is practiced by many, and it should come as no surprise. Most of us see fruits imported from abroad rather suspiciously as imported fruits often lack the expected sweetness or substance and contain less nutrients then home-grown fruits or vegetables. Growing tomatoes from seeds is easy and everyone loves observing the progress of our work as red round fruits get bigger and more succulent every day. However, to grow high-quality tomatoes we need to provide the plant with a reliable support system that will help it to reach the sufficient length. You simply cannot do without tomato stakes or some kind of poles. Therefore, let us explore the available options.

Wooden stakes are thing of the past

Yes. But to say that wooden stakes are not suitable at all is simply not true. We see that wooden stakes are still used by many. The issue we have with wooden stakes is their stability. Another reason is that they are made of wood and wood will rot when left in the ground for a long time. For example, if you cut your stakes directly from Hazelwood tree, and you water your tomato plants regularly, they might even grow roots. This is not the best way to go. Yet another reason why metal stakes are better option.

tomatoesTomatoes: Photo Pixabay

Regular metal stakes

The usual and common choice is to use regular metal stakes or rods with small diameter. There is only one problem. They will start to rust soon. If you paint them however, they will last forever. Try to use rods instead of pipes. Rods are rigid enough and do not deform when you drive them to the ground with a hammer. Some stakes offer sufficient rigidity.

Modern spiral tomato stakes

Probably the best choice is to use spiral stakes. The spiral offers sufficient support and helps the tomato plant to grow very high. The biggest disadvantage is the price. You can easily pay EUR 4.00 per piece, but they are made from stainless steel and they should last forever.

Tomato stakes: Photo Radek Štěpán

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