The most common mistakes people make when pre-growing seedlings in apartments


Do you pre-grow different seedlings outside of your apartment window? If you do, you certainly know that apartment buildings do not offer optimal conditions for this type of “gardening”. Indeed they’re downright terrible. However, if there are no other options you have no choice but to plant your fruits, vegetables, flowers or herbs into boxes and put them outside of your window. They will do well on the windowsill – if we don’t make mistakes some people do.

Rushed sowing

First of all, think what could actually be sown in early March. A common knowledge is that lettuce, eggplant or pepper could be sawn in February. You may also do onions and parsley. Even tomatoes may be sown if the conditions are right. Melons can also be sown in March. During the second half of March you can go for peas and radish. As for flowers, people usually go for Phlox, Common snapdragon, Canna or Petunia. Seedlings of annual plants must also be pre-grown in March, for example Iris, Gazania or China pink.

Not enough light

In addition to the ideal temperature and humidity, plants also need plenty of light. If you deny them plenty of light or the light comes from one side only they will try to find more light. Turning the flowerpot will not help much, and if you have several plants you might even need a special LED light. A little trick. Place a board opposite to your window. The board will reflect the light and create more even illumination pattern.

tomatoPlants: Photo Pixabay

Too dense vegetation

Another hassle you may encounter. Your plants grow too high. The sowing process should not be thickened you should not sow in clumps. We advise you to perform a little germination test in water in advance. See what seeds germinate best and use only seeds of the highest quality. That way you will avoid dry seeds which will never germinate.

Pricking out seedlings pays off

To strengthen your plants, it is necessary to prick them out and transplant them. The ideal time is when the plants have already developed the first pair of true leaves. To help your seedling to create a proper root system, trim the ends of the roots. Place seedlings in the soil so that the entire part of the seedling up to the first pair of leaves is in the soil. 

Plants: Photo Pixabay

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