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We shall not discuss the benefits or harms of thuja now. Simply put, thujas are suitable for some gardens and for some not, and if you like thuja hedge and would like to multiply them, we shall advise you how to do it at home.

You will not need anything special. Just a baby cloth diaper (or similar fabric) and two handfuls of dry peat moss. Ideally, also a root stimulator, but it is not necessary. Most cuttings will take root without it.

How to multiply thuja trees in a few minutes

Well, this is a bit of an overstatement but it will not take much of your time. You still need to wait for the cuttings to take a root… But anyway. First, cut healthy, no more than 15 cm long twigs. Clean the lower part from leaves to create a footing about 1 cm long.

Get a suitable container and prepare a growth stimulator solution (or simply place the twigs in clean water. Yeah that works too) and let them rest overnight. Put the peat moss in the water too so it dissolves in the water.

ThujaPhoto: Pixabay

The next morning, make a long strip of the baby diaper, spread the peat on it and align the thuja twigs next to it (few centimetre apart). Squeeze the water from the peat so it does not drip everywhere.

A little trick: Roll the ends of the twigs in a powdered growth stimulator, or at least in ground cinnamon, which works quite well too.

Roll the diaper to make a larger roller (do not be afraid to press) and wrap it in plastic foil. Finally, put everything in a transparent plastic bag and hang it on a window handle (or anywhere else where there is enough light even in winter). Open the bag from time to time to let in fresh air. There is no need to add water. In the spring, after the last frosts are gone, put the cuttings in the ground. You will be surprised how quickly they start growing!

Preview photo: Pixabay

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