Halloween is here again. Decorations that will not hurt your garden


Halloween is no longer just an American holiday. Yes, our children do not wear masks and do carols, but we often see various Halloween parties and many of us make Halloween decorations at home. You can make Halloween decorations for your garden too. But before you start shopping or making garden decorations, here are some tips.

Dangerous decorations

Do not use decorations that could harm your garden. Certain decorations may leave marks on your lawn or even kill some plants. Halloween lasts only for few days, so damaging anything in your garden or weakening your garden to the point where it must recover is out of the question. For example, a fire may look very scary, but it can be dangerous and can certainly damage your lawn and possibly even your home!

Watch out for electricity

Do not use too many electrical decorations in your garden. Many lights may be impressive, but what about your electricity bill. If you want to use lights, use LED lights or glow sticks because these devices use much less or no electricity.

HalloweenPhoto: Pixabay

Look for stuff you do not need

Start by looking in your garage. You may find lots of items and materials that can be used for Halloween decorations. This way you may save money on items you would have to buy otherwise. In many cases, the old stuff looks more real and is often better. When you go shopping look for open markets or sales. Search the Internet to get inspiration and other information that may be helpful.

Old ornaments

You must have some ornaments from previous holidays and you can transform them into “new” Halloween stuff. By doing so, you save money and space, because storing a large number of decorations may be difficult and space-consuming.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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