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Do you really know how many uses onions have? This crop is among the most used in Europe and it should be no surprise. Onions are added to many dishes and contain a lot of substances beneficial to the human body. Just to mention few, onions contain plenty of provitamin A, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, sodium, zinc and vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3. Onions literally have multifunctional uses but surprisingly, some uses are not well known, so we shall take a look at these “special” uses in more detail.

Drying and frying onions

Onions can be dried easily. Cut in into slices and let it dry either in the dryer or in the air. Dried onions can be used in any dish. Onion rings in triple breading fried like a schnitzel are an excellent side dish and a traditional delicacy.

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Use onions to train your pets

Training your pets is often a hard task, but surprisingly onions might help you a little. Place onion slices in places where pets are not allowed and onthings they must leave alone, such as toilets or other prohibited places. Well, you will not like the smell, but your pets will hate it, and in time they will learn that they cannot go to these locations, even without onions.

Rusty knife and tool cleaner

Forget expensive and dangerous chemicals. If you want to clean a knife from rust, onions will help you to do just that. Stick the knife into the onion, let it there for few days and then clean the blade. The rust will gradually disappear. If you deal with very rusty knife, repeat the procedure several times.

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Have you been stung by a bee or other insect? Onions will help

A slice of onion is an excellent first aid for insect stings. Simply place onion slices on the area to reduce the pain. But keep in mind that onions also repel insects, so use it when grilling or sitting outside.

Eliminate the smell of a new painting

Sleeping in a newly painted bedroom may be unpleasant for some people. To reduce the smell of the paint place onion slices in a bowl of water and put it in the room and the smell will be reduced.

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