How to decrystallize honey


There are many reasons why honey crystallizes. There is nothing dangerous about it, but the texture, appearance and the usability may be reduced. Do you want to know how to get rid of crystals in honey?

You can use hot water, oven or slow cooker, if you have one. Do not rush because fast heating can destroy valuable enzymes and other beneficial substances in honey.

How to decrystallize honey in hot water

Use a container that can retain heat for a long time. A tall stainless steel pot is ideal because the water level must reach the top of the honey jar. Close the honey jar, put it in the pot and pour hot water in.


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Let the honey rest and only take the jar out when the water has cooled. Stir the honey and use as usual.

Decrystallization in a slow cooker

Do you have this great kitchen appliance at home? If you do, then put the honey jar or glass in it and let it work for eight hours. No water is needed, the whole heating and decrystallization process is done without water. When finished, stir the honey again. If there are still some crystals, repeat the whole process.

Oven will also do the trick

Turn on the oven and set it to about 80 °C and put the honey jar or glass in. Let it there for an hour, then remove and stir the honey. If crystals are still present, repeat the process. Well, simple again…

Use decrystallized honey asap

The bad news is that decrystallized honey usually remains liquid for only a few days. So, try to use it. The good news is that there is virtually, no limit as to how often you can repeat the process as long as you treat the honey properly and you are not trying to rush the process.

Do not try to use microwave oven for this procedure. Heating process in microwave is very uneven and you will create very hot spots inside the honey and destroy the good and healthy stuff. The only exception is when you need to quickly liquefy honey – for the preparation of dough for example. But use the necessary care and try to do it slowly.

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