Coffee sediment, sludge or the so-called dregs are great in your garden


If you make a coffee every day or several times a day, then this article is just for you! Especially if you throw out coffee grounds and have a garden (or flowers in your apartment) do not do that.We shall you that this “waste” is not a waste and can be used and may be very beneficial. For example roses love it, but also many other plants. Here are several tips how can you “reuse” coffee grounds – dregs.


You can use coffee grounds for compost. We all know that composting it is a great way to use something that would otherwise end up in the trash. The reason why used coffee grounds are beneficial is because it adds nitrogen to the compost. Composting coffee grounds is as easy as throwing it in the trash. Used coffee filters can also be composted…

Cheap fertilizer

Put used coffee grounds directly in the soil and you have a natural fertilizer. While coffee grounds add nitrogen to the compost, it does not work with the soil so easily, however, you are adding organic material to your soil which improves drainage and water retention at the same time, as well as soil aeration. Coffee sediments also attract useful microorganisms and earthworms.


Many gardeners use coffee ground as a mulching material because it can prevent weed growth, maintain soil moisture, and it can also deter slugs and snails. The theory behind it is that caffeine in the groundacts negatively in their systems, causing pests to avoid the soil. Some gardeners even claim that used coffee beans also repels cats so they will not “poop” in your garden…


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Fresh coffee beans

You can use both fresh coffee beans or used groundsin your garden but using fresh coffee is a waste and it is only recommended in certain situations. Unlike the used grounds, the fresh beans lower the pH of the soil which is good for plants that love acidic soil. So use them for azaleas, hortensias, blueberries and lilies. As for vegetables, you can used them for radishes, carrots and other types of root vegetables.

Used coffee beans

Used coffee beans no longer affect the pH of the soil because when you pour hot water over them they become neutral so you can add coffee sediment to any plants, and you will get rid of the sediments naturally while reaping the benefits from it. Those are the two reasons while you should use coffee grounds in your garden. A big advantage is that, unlike other fertilizers, coffee grounds do not smell bad, so you can use them for houseplants.
So, next time you are about to throw away coffee sediments, you may want to think twice before you do so.

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