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Everyone knows the vegetable that is used for cooking all the time. Yes onions. Onion is the number one not only in Europe, but also in many countries all over the world. No wonder. It is healthy, it tastes great and it is added to practically all dishes, well except sweets… But the king of the kitchen may also be used for other purposes and we shall focus on these “unconventional” uses of onion in this article. Onion has been used since the beginning of time. Our ancestors knew onions very well. As for substances beneficial to the human body, onions mainly contain sodium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins from the B and C series. So, what are the unconventional uses of onion?

Cannot fall asleep in your new bedroom? You will…

Freshly painted room does not smell niceand the unpleasant smell of painting can prevent many of us from sleeping peacefully, but there is something you can do about it. Try a bowl of water with few cut onions in it. Onion solution can completely absorb the smell – within few hours!


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Train your pets naturally

Cats and dogs do not always learn quickly enough what they can and can’t bite, or what things they should leave alone. Potty-training is not easy, but try marking those prohibited spaces and things naturally. All you need is a few slices of onion and place them around or on the incriminated places.Animals do not like onion odour so, they will avoid these places and will let your stuff alone.

First aid for insect bites

Insect bites are always a nuisance, especially for small children. Try placing a slice of onion on the affected area and it will reduce the unpleasant pain.Unfortunately, if you are allergic to bees then onion will not help you. The smell of onions can also ward off unpleasant and intrusive insects. So, the next time you are having a barbeque try placing a tray of onions near to eliminate intrusive insects.


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Rust remover?

Knives tend to rust. Try cleaning the blade with an onion. Just wipe the blade a few times with an onion and the rust should gradually loosen its grip and you can clean it off easer.

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