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Unfortunately, some of us are not so lucky and do not own a garden. But that does not mean that people without a garden have to give up gardening completely. If you have a balcony for example, you can grow many types of vegetables. A typical example is tomatoes. If that is the case, we recommend that you go directly for varieties that are sold as balcony tomatoes. A variety called “Vilma” is one of those.

Choose the right place

If you can, choose location on your balcony that gets enough sunlight. Tomatoes really hate too much moisture and shade. If your balcony is positioned towards the south or west you are in luck. Also make sure that rainwater does not drip on leaves during rain. If you can, protect your balcony with a cover. So there are 3 important things you need to be aware of when growing tomatoes on a balcony, and that is sufficient light, dry environment and no wind.

tomatoesPhoto: Pixabay

Provide enough nutrients

In order for tomatoes to bear fruits, they need a well-nourished soil. You can prepare great soil at home, or you may use many prepared substrates that you can get in garden centres. Choose a substrate that is suitable for vegetables. Enriched substrate is best for tomatoes. But if you do not find a special substrate, you may also use regular substrate. If you want to use additional fertilizers, use fertilizers diluted with water.

Watering tomatoes

As we already mentioned, tomatoes do not like too much moisture, so pay attention to adequate watering. Avoid pouring water onto tomato leaves, because wet leaves are prone to mould. To prevent mould, you need to keep sufficient distance between individual plants and make sure that each plant gets enough sun. Enough sunlight helps the soil to dry between individual watering and do not be afraid to use a product against fungi and fungal diseases on regular basis.

Photo: Pixabay

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