Evening primrose (Oenothera) and its effects on human body


This plant is commonly known as the evening primrose. It is used to treat skin diseases, premenstrual syndrome, asthma, diarrhoea or even a hangover. It is a perennial which can grow up to one and half meter high. Let us take a closer look at this interesting plant.

Healing effects

Evening primrose has very positive effects on the human body. Oil from seeds is mostly used for treatment and it is usually administered in the form of capsules or drops. It is mainly used to treat skin diseases, eczema (even atopic) or psoriasis Seeds contain fatty acids that can heal tissues, and if you happen to suffer from a hangover, the oil may help you too – one single oil drop should do the trick. Evening primrose is also used to reduce cramps, blood cholesterol levels and even increase immunity.

evening-primrosePhoto: Pixabay

Using evening primrose

Evening primrose oil is only produced industrially. Unfortunately, you cannot make it at home. If you want to buy the oil, you will most likely get it in the form of capsules. Always follow the recommended manufacturer’s dosage. Root of this interesting plant is used as a regular vegetable, so you can eat it raw or cook it. To increase your immunity use flowers and make an extract or you may consume crushed seeds. One teaspoon a day should be sufficient. If you want the specific effects of evening primrose oil buy capsules, and if you want to use this plant as a prevention, consume the root or extract from flowers.

How to grow evening primrose at home?

Primrose is a very effective and healthy plant and not surprisingly, many people want to grow it at home. How to do it properly? Sometimes you may be able to buy evening primrose seeds in stores and frankly, that is the only way how to start. However, if you cannot find seeds anywhere in stores, you can check the nature. Evening primrose should be plentiful in the wild. This is another way how to get seeds and grow it at home. You should start during autumn. Sow seeds directly to the flower patch and it should start growing without any problems because evening primrose is not demanding at all. It likes direct sunlight and light permeable soils.

Photo: Pixabay

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