Do your orchids refuse to bloom? The solution may surprise


You know what we are talking about, right? You have created the ideal environment and conditions for your plants and indeed most of them bloom fine and behave as they should but there are always few bad apples that stubbornly remain green year after year and refuse to bloom… Well, try teasing them a little – use regular kitchen garlic.

There are two ways how to use garlic to help your flowers bloom. One way uses garlic water, the other one adds an aspirin to the garlic solution. Aspirin is another nutrient and a protective agent that acts against dreaded fungal diseases.

Garlic fertilizer in action

And why garlic? Well, garlic it contains many necessary substances that orchids need to bloom properly. And surprisingly, garlic has the right stuff and in the right and all-natural concentration. If there is something that orchids hate, it is over fertilization.


Orchidea: Photo Pixabay

And how can you make a garlic fertilizer for orchids? Boil one litre of water and then crash and squeeze three large cloves of garlic into it, cover with a lid and let it sit for 24 hours. Drain and pour the extract into a bucket or bowl. Immerse your orchid in the extract – with the flowerpot, of course. Wait 30 minutes, drain it well and put the flowerpot back on windowsill or where it was before. Wait 4 weeks and repeat the procedure again. After the second treatment you should start seeing the first flower stalks. It sounds like magic but that is it. This works if your orchid is still healthy of course. You may use the remaining fertilizer to water other plants at home.


Orchidea: Photo Pixabay

Garlic and aspirin may even cure a stubborn orchid

Are your orchid’s leaves turning into a rubber and roots are drying up, etc.? If you are helpless, you can try the second treatment. Just crush two aspirin tablets and add them to the extract described above Proceed in the same way as in the previous case. Well, that is it. Now, hope for a miracle. Sometimes it happens and the plant comes back to life.

Our tip: Start fertilizing your orchids at the beginning of spring and continue throughout the growing season.

Orchidea: Preview photo Pixabay

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