How to extend the shell life of potatoes?


What is the most used vegetable today? Potatoes. Not surprising news. In our corner of the word, as well as in many countries around the world, potatoes are among the most popular side dishes. Probably, because potatoes are prepared and enjoyed in many different forms. The most common preparation methods include boiling, frying, making mashed potatoes and many other variations. The vast majority of all dishes need high-quality and fresh tubers. But how can you store potatoes properly and extend their shelf life?

Essential oils are excellent “life-extenders”

Plant essential oils can literally do wonders. They can protect stored crops from various diseases and even prevent rotting. For example, when you lack suitable storage space bet on essential oils and you will not regret. Cumin essential oils are excellent because they can slow down the germination process. Germination makes potatoes weak and ugly… all natural process, but we want to prevent that. If you let potato go wild, the sprouts can create a thick bush of some sort. The idea of using essential oils was first introduced by a team led by Ing. Pavel Klouček, head of the department of the Faculty of Agrobiology at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.


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Active substances in essential oils protect against rotting

The team focused on the research of various essential oils, including cumin, oregano, sage and other types of spices and the research showed that essential oils can effectively fight the rotting process. Another interesting fact the research has demonstrated, is that essential oils can suppress cell division and therefore slow down germination – something we want very much during storage.


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Proper storage is very important

It is necessary to store potatoes properly. Chose dry, cool and a dark room. No light. You can also store a smaller amount of potatoes in your kitchen but you need to consume them as soon as possible. If you use cumin essential oil you will extend the shell life but still… In a warm room you need to use them fast.

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