Do not throw tangerine peels in the trash. Use them.


Tangerine peels are a typical example. We love this great fruit, but the peels often go straight to the bin or compostand that is a shame, because you can still use peels and in many different ways. That is, if they are not chemically treated. Unfortunately, if you buy your tangerines in a supermarket, you can bet that they have been chemically treated. Anyway, you can still use them for something and we shall tell how.

Scalp problems

Do you wash your hair in the morning and still you hair is greasy in the afternoon? Yes, it can happen. There are some shampoos but often they do not work as you would expect. The right solution for you may be an extract from tangerines. Put fresh peels in water and boil them for about 30 minutes.Cover the pot with a lid and let it infuse for about 60 minutes. Use the extract to wash your hair and then use any shampoo you like.


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Tangerine peels may help you with digestion

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Of course you do, there will be feasting and enjoying quality time with your family and friends. However, many Christmas dishes, including potato salad and fried carp can give you stomach problems and tangerine peels can help. Dry the peels first and then ground them to a fine powder. You can consume the powder just like that or you may add a teaspoon to your drink. The improved taste and the soothing effects will surprise you, but you will certainly appreciate the positive effects on your digestive system.


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Tangerine tincture

Life is full of stress and headaches and very few of us are excluded from this unfortunate reality. But can you fight stress? Well, try this. Put tangerine peels in a cotton bag and inhale them for about 15 minutes. The citrus scent should stop your headache. Another way is to prepare a tangerine tincture and use it to fight coughs and headaches. Use two tablespoons of dried, crushed tangerine peels and add 2 dcl of alcohol. Use the tincture to fight irritating cough.

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