Choosing a Christmas tree for people suffering from allergies

Christmas tree

It may sound trivial because coniferous trees are mainly considered “safe” in terms of allergies, but they bloom to, and the remains of pollen can turn Christmas into a nightmare with a stuffy nose, cough or conjunctivitis.

Can you prevent it? Well, first of all you must select the right tree , but you must also pay attention to proper preparation – that is before you put your Christmas tree in your living room. We shall tell you how to do that.

Pay attention to the tree variety

The risk does not include pollen only, but also various moulds or even mites that you unknowingly bring home. Even the tree resin oozing from damaged branches or trunk can trigger an allergic reaction.

There are many coniferous trees. Certain species of cypress for example do not produce any pollen , but they are available only in smaller sizes. As for our “regular and domestic” trees, spruce and fir are relatively safe in terms of allergies, but if you suffer from allergies you should avoid pine trees.

Christmas tree

Photo: Pixabay

So what should you do before you put a Christmas tree in your living room?

First, give it a good shake – outside of course, to get rid of fallen needles and dust and then shower it thoroughly with a garden hose. This will remove any additional dust, pollen or mould. Just be careful and do not damage your tree. If you see any places where the resin is oozing out, cover them with a tape. For example, high quality textile patches hold well.

Now, let the tree dry and put it in a stable stand indoors . Try to reduce the time when the tree is indoor as much as possible. The longer the potential allergens are in your room the greater the chance that you will get an allergic reaction.

Our tip: If you have a garden, try decorating your tree right in your garden. This may seem little weird but it would solve your problems. Best if you have a real tree growing in your garden! Real tree should make you happy all year round!

Preview photo: Pixabay

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